Underground Re-pipe

Why Choose an Underground Re-pipe?

It has been shown that soil is one of the best insulators in the world, and is ideal for water lines. When having your home re-piped many companies will offer to run new water lines through your ceiling. Overhead re-pipes run the risk of severe home  damage if not properly installed, and may leave you with hot water in the summer and cold water in the winter that can freeze your water lines.  The bottom line is that water lines do not belong in your attic!

At Five Star Pluming we specialize in underground polybutylene replacement. Using trench-less technology we have developed a method that allows us to be very unique in our re-pipe approach.  We have performed many re-pipes over the past 10 years and can truly say that  our re-pipes are a permanent solution and we are unrivaled in our quality of work and overall re-pipe experience.

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